Why the Future of Work Rewards a
Crosss-Pollinating Hive Mind & How
Not to Get Left Behind




The impetus to write this book was driven by a distinct gap in the business literature landscape and the pressing need for a new approach to problem-solving. Traditional business books often present a romanticized, linear journey to success, but this perspective is far from the reality of the business world. The truth is that success in business is not achieved by following a rigid set of rules or steps. The key to thriving in the complex business environment is not formulaic, but rather requires a shift in mindset, a new way of thinking and perceiving problems.

My experience as a speaker at a marketing research conference brought this reality into stark relief. Despite their expertise in understanding consumer behavior, the researchers were struggling to effectively market their own businesses. This contradiction underscored the importance of self-awareness and introspection in business success, and sparked my curiosity about how to help businesses overcome their blind spots and reach their full potential.



This book is a response to a growing need for collaboration in the business world. Today’s business challenges are multifaceted and complex, requiring diverse perspectives and expertise to solve. The book emphasizes that collaboration is not about simply bringing diverse voices to the table, but about strategic and intentional collaboration that yields better solutions and bigger wins.

In a time when business has never been more complicated, this book offers a fresh and much-needed perspective. It moves away from the prescriptive, linear success narratives and focuses instead on fostering a mindset of collaboration and critical thinking. It’s about reshaping our understanding of competition and embracing collaboration as a competitive advantage. This book is needed now because it offers the business world a more realistic, nuanced, and effective approach to achieving success. It’s not just another business book, but a call to think and work differently in the face of evolving business challenges.


“Casting Anchors” is a pivotal part of the book that provides readers with practical tools or “anchors” to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of business collaboration. Inspired by my love for sailing and an understanding that all journeys require aids for navigation, I introduce seven unique anchors for readers to use as guideposts during difficult collaborative endeavors. These anchors act as metaphorical safe harbors, giving individuals the tools to pause, reassess, and move forward when faced with challenges.

Each anchor presents a unique approach to address problems and explore new collaboration opportunities. They serve as alternatives to traditional, linear methods of problem-solving, encouraging readers to change their perspective and see problems in a different light. They are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Much like the different types of anchors carried on a boat that are designed for various sea bottoms, these business anchors are meant to be tried and tested depending on the situation at hand. They provide a variety of options for the reader to experiment with, aiding them in discovering the most effective approach for their unique circumstances.

These anchors are not just theoretical tools to be read and forgotten. Instead, they are practical applications that can dramatically change one’s career, business, and life if integrated into daily practice. They challenge the traditional win-lose mindset and push beyond even a win-win mentality, fostering an expansive and inclusive perspective that paves the way for larger victories through effective collaboration. The anchors are meant to be used, adapted, and shared, serving as catalysts for a transformation in the way one approaches work and collaboration.

Learn how to harness the power of these anchors with the free Anchors Aweigh Worksheet.
(There are other goodies as well!)


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